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More Questions About Our Treatments? Then come to our weekly Free Seminar Talk  

The Neuropathy Laser Center Huntsville is dedicated to diagnosing and treating your neuropathy utilizing the "LNS Protocol" which stands for Laser, Neurostimulator, ShockWave Therapy. We use the FDA approved Cutting Edge® MLS Robotic Laser; the FDA approved ReBuilder® Neuropathy Neurostimulator and the FDA approved ShockWave® Therapy unit to treat your neuropathy. Each independently has been shown in studies and in clinical use to effectively treat neuropathy. It took MD Anderson and Sloan Kettering Hospitals to get together with Mayo and Cleveland Clinic and develop the LN Protocol. We have found that together the synergistic effect of the three together is unsurpassed in the treatment of neuropathy.  In some cases we need to utilize other treatment options such as Anodyne Therapy for circulatory and vascular issues and problems (should the patient need this therapy), and Metabolic treatment (should that be necessary).

Our clinic is proud to be on the medical technological forefront by offering Cutting Edge® MLS Robotic Laser Therapy and the proven (non surgical) surface ReBuilder® Neuropathy Neurostimulator therapy along with ShockWave® Therapy together.  We have invested in the very best technology available as a key component of our continuing quest to offer you the finest in health care and neuropathy therapy.  We follow researched and published (documented) protocols in Laser therapy and Neurostimulator treatment fields. To that we add established protocols for circulatory and vascular problems such as peripheral artery disease, restless leg syndrome utilizing Anodyne Therapy System if needed. and finally we add the latest treatment protocols for low back decompression traction if needed.

The Cutting Edge® MLS Robotic M6 Laser is FDA approved. Laser therapy, for the most part, has not been available to the general public in the United States. This is in contrast to Europe where thousands rely daily on Lasers to treat Pain and inflammation without drugs or surgery. We are the only medical or chiropractic clinic with Cutting Edge MLS M6 laser technology in the North Alabama area. Doctors agree that Cutting Edge MLS M6 Laser is the "top of the line" in Lasers.  What makes the non thermal-non burning Cutting Edge MLS Robotic Laser so special is two things. First is MLS which stands for Multi Laser System. The Cutting Edge MLS Robotic M6 Laser employs multiple lasers at multiple frequencies and wavelengths to optimize healing and shorten treatment time. Second the Cutting Edge MLS Robotic Laser is just that. It's Robotic. The robotic feature can paint the laser on with more precision than any human hand. Putting just the right laser dose where it is needed.

The FDA approved Rebuilder® Neuropathy Neurostimulator treats all kinds of nerve related or neuropathic symptoms such as diabetic neuropathy, CIPN Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy, mononeuropathy, polyneuropathy, and restless leg syndrome 2nd to nerve involvement. The Neurostimulator Therapy is the neuropathy treatment of choice used for hospitals such as Harvard Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic, UCLA Health System, Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, Rockefeller Cancer Center and The Cancer Treatment Centers of America for their patients with neuropathy. According to The Neurostimulator literature the Neurostimulator system has been proven 91% effective in a study with over 551 patients with neuropathy. We're not saying your going to get 91% effective response but it's worth noting. 

How does it work? Well the Neuropathy Neurostimulator's biofeedback circuitry allows its signal to be sent from foot to foot (or hand to hand), effectively stimulating the entire nerve pathway from the tips of the toes (or fingers) to the base of the spine on both legs (or hands) simultaneously.  This same biofeedback mechanism continuously modulates the outgoing waveform in accordance with your body's response to the previous signal. This happens in real-time, 7.83 times per second. Not only will each user receive a custom-tailored impulse, but it will change as your body favorably responds to the healing impulses during the treatment time.

Shock Wave Therapy is the third part of our neuropathy treatment protocol. FDA approved Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT - Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) is a form of “mechanotherapy”.  The mechanisms of action of Shock Waves (SW), derive from acoustic stimulation of the tissue. It is known that SW are able to relief pain, as well to positively regulate inflammation, to induce neoangiogenesis and stem cells release activities, thus improving tissue regeneration and healing. 

Shock Wave Therapy can be nowadays considered an effective, safe, versatile, repeatable, noninvasive therapy for the treatment of neuropathy, many musculo-skeletal diseases, and for some pathological conditions where regenerative effects are desirable, especially when some other noninvasive/conservative therapies have failed.

We are located in beautiful downtown Huntsville, Alabama across the street from Big Spring Park, Embassy Suites and the Von Braun Center in the Park Plaza office complex at 303 Williams Ave SW, Suite 135, Huntsville Alabama 35801. (256) 830-4545 or Toll Free 1-800 Why Hurt. 

Free* Seminar Talk:
Every other week on Tuesday's and Thursday we hold a Free* Seminar 
talk for about an hour where we talk about Lasers, Neuropathy Neurostimulators and types of Neuropathy and fill in the knowledge blanks. Seating is limited to 12 on a first come first serve basis so register early.  We answer general questions about laser treatments. We serve refreshments and drinks. Please RSVP to (256) 830-4545 so we can know how of you will be attending the Free* Seminar Talk.  Most patients start with our Free* Seminar Talk then proceed to the Free* Consultation so we can freely discuss your individual case and problems in private. No Examination, test or treatment will be preformed during the Free* Seminar TalK. All other services at regular fees.    

Free* Consultation
Many patients start with a Free* Consultation. This is a 20 min or so meeting with the Doctors to determine if your problem is one that can be treated with reasonable success. This is a time for you to size us up and a time to us to talk about your problems and our possible solutions. We only accept those patients that we think we can help. A History and minimal examination will be preformed. No treatment will be preformed during the Free* Consultation. You must attend a Free* Seminar Talk to get the Free* Consultation.  All other services at regular fees.

We have successfully treated hundreds and hundreds of patients from Huntsville and the surrounding areas with Neuropathy: Diabetic Neuropathy, Chemo Induced Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy; Polyneuropathy and Nerve Pain in the extremities (arms, hands, legs, or feet); and much more. 

Do You Accept Every Patient: 
The short answer is NO. Peripheral Neuropathy is most commonly a progressive disease. Meaning the longer you wait the worse it gets. We will pretest you with a FREE* test developed by the University of Michigan called the Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument. The Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument (MNSI) is used to assess distal symmetrical peripheral neuropathy. It includes two separate assessments: a 15-item questionnaire and a lower extremity examination that includes inspection and assessment of vibratory sensation, sensory, ankle reflexes, proprioception, and balance. If you score too high on the test, we simply can't treat you. you're too far gone. So PLEASE PLEASE if nothing else come out and get our FREE* Consultation where we do the Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument. Then at least you'll have a baseline to compare against future test and symptoms.  

Individual Results Vary patient to patient and case to case. 
At your Free* Consultation please ask for our Free Neuropathy Severity Test to see if your a candidate for treatment. Only about 7/10 quality for treatment. Please don't wait because if you score too high on our test from too much nerve damage then we will not accept you as a patient. If you score within our target treatment range we will accept you as a patient if we think we can help you. We strive for about ±75-80% results with most Neuropathy. Nothing works for everything every time. Our results are better than most drugs or surgery and much less invasive.

Free* - Free is no cost to you. Some persons or insurance are not allowed to have Free services. It is up to you to check with your insurance carrier and determine if you can not have Free services. If you can not have Free services then this offer does not apply to you. Cash value of Free services $.01.

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